Work With Me: Jesus Ortiz

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Extroverted introvert, usually pretty direct person.

Work Patterns

Communication Preferences

Slack is the fastest way to reach me and great for quick questions.

Send me a calendar invite if you need to meet with me over a video call, make sure to include the subject and/or issue and end goal of what we’re talking about.

You can also email me but response time will be a day or two so depending on my workload.

I try not to check slack and email after hours unless I am on-call.

How To Know I’ve Gone To The Dark Side

Either super short on my responses or swearing

How to help

If I’m not feeling great I’ll most likely ask to exit a meeting or take some time off to recover if I’m stressed. Send me good music.

Me Being Me

Terrbile puns

Pet Peeves

Career Goals & Future Interests

All things related to running and hosting a high availability, globally distributed CMS hosting platform. Getting better at bass, guitar and drums.

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