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Provide recognition however you see fit in private or in public or via Slack. I am pretty indifferent by it. Please provide criticism in a private setting and with concrete examples and be as to the point as possible. Would also greatly appreciate having time to digest and work through it. I will ask questions for more details/examples so I understand the feedback.

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I don’t expect this list to change your actions—but it might help you better understand and empathize with my reactions. Not an exhaustive list and I reserve the right to add to it :P

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Every decision I make within my career and otherwise is as a result of my quest for financial security. I would like to retire early and enjoy life volunteering, traveling, and working when and how I want to and not because I have to. Until retirement, I have flirted with the idea of running a company or becoming a CTO. I am still on the road of discovery of what path will support my goal of financial security but also is fulfilling and makes me happy.

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