Work With Me: Adam Bloomston

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These are the four qualities I value most in collaboration:

1. Craft

I treat work as a craft—continuously cultivating key skills and bringing in intellectual frameworks so that we can do our best work as individuals and as a team.

What this means to me: As part of this value, I place a high value on self-accountability and follow-through.

How this shows up in my work:

Crafts I’m currently cultivating are:

Areas in which I’m intellectually focused right now include:

Invitation: Check out the work from the people whose craft I most respect:

2. Inclusion

A diversity of voices participating in the dialogue is essential for solving complex systemic issues. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do.

What this means to me: I cultivate and protect the psychological safety of the team above all—in general and in meetings. As a facilitator, I will also look for ways to engage and balance the voices in the room and create trust.

How this shows up in my work: I believe in meeting agendas and target outcomes as a core principle of inclusion. If we all know what we agree to, then we start from an even foundation. I always ask for an agenda before accepting meeting invites.

Invitation: Use and share these principles of inclusion in meetings.

3. Growth

I view every working relationship as an avenue for mutual growth for its own sake and for the sake of extraordinary project outcomes on behalf of the humans we create for.

What this means to me: I foster a team environment that supports feedback and constructive dialogue whatever role I have on that team. Whether I am on a project that is big or small or weighing in as a stakeholder, I engage whole-heartedly. I am known for facilitating discussions about the team’s current areas for development and setting a tone for vulnerability and mutual accountability. I believe in setting the tone for saying the things that often go unsaid, and giving precise and candid feedback.

How this shows up in my work: In my personal growth, I am leaning into curiosity as my go-to reaction to pretty much everything. I’m also looking to add to the modalities with which I express my contribution, thus I’m learning graphical facilitation.


4. Focus

I am committed to presence in my worklife.

What this means to me: If I’m with you, I’m present. When I’m focused on solo work most mornings and Wednesdays, I protect that flow.

How this shows up in my work: You can rely on my calendar and Slack status as very up-to-date. When I’m not working, my phone is usually not near me, on vibrate (unless I’m on call).

Invitation: Speaking of time outside of work, ask me about my uninformed obsession with birds or my dog, Baby Doctor, whom I bring to work with me every day. If he’s bothering you at all, please let me know—no offense will be taken, I promise!

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