Work With Me: First Last

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Two important points about your Work With Me document:

  1. It’s your document—this is just a starting point to help you in beginning to write it. Feel free to add and remove sections. Feel free to start with an empty page and fill it out however you’d like.
  2. It’s meant to be a change with you—update it as frequently (or infrequently) as you’d like.

You might want to estimate the reading time of your document and keep it to 5 minutes or less.


What do you value most in the world, in people, and/or in yourself? You might find it helpful to spend a few minutes googling “list of values” and finding the values that most resonate with you.


How do you act in the world? This can be a combination of descriptive and aspirational traits.

Receiving Feedback & Recognition

How do you best receive feedback, be it positive or negative?

What about when one of us wants to call you out in some way for something awesome you did, a great piece of advice you gave, an insight you had, or your amazing Cat Thursday shirt—how do you feel most comfortable receiving that recognition?

Work Patterns

What hours do you usually work?

When do you prefer to work alone, versus in groups? How do your energy levels fluctuate through- out the day?

Communication Preferences

What should people expect from you when they reach out to you on Yammer, Email, or Slack? How should people best get your attention for urgent matters, during and out of your working

hours? What’s your relationship to work communication when not at work? What are your signs that you’d prefer to not be interrupted when at work?

How To Know I’ve Gone To The Dark Side

Warning Signs

When you don’t feel safe in a conversation, how does this manifest itself in your actions or affects? What about when you’re just not having an “on” or “good” day?

How to help

This might also be a good place to present recommendations for how we can be supportive towards you when you’ve gone to the Dark Side.

Me Being Me

Any habits that of yours that can be easily misinterpreted? Here’s a good place to point them out.

Pet Peeves

I don’t expect this list to change your actions—but it might help you better understand and empathize with my reactions.

Any pet peeves we should know about? Knowing them may not, and shouldn’t be expected to, change others actions—but it might help us better understand and empathize with your reactions. In fact, you might want the disclaimer above to stay in your document.

Career Goals & Future Interests

What long term career goals do you have for yourself? What interests do you hope or plan for your future self to obsess over.

Areas for Development

Anything you’d like us to know about yourself that makes you (gasp!) not perfect? If they are as- pects you’d like to change or are working on, this might be a good place to point out constructive and positive ways we can help you be aware of and take corrective action in the moment.

Ask Me About

Let’s get to know one another! Here’s a great place to list things you’ve done / activities you love / conversations you’re (almost) always excited to have!