Work With Me: Adam Bloomston

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Values and Personality

Please provide feedback if and when you feel I could do better in holding these values.

Me Being Me

Personality typologies

Receiving Feedback & Recognition

Airbnb colleagues: Reflektive is a great place for appreciation/recognition. You can also submit feedback (compliments, suggestions, criticisms, and advice) to my manager at air/feedback-for-adam-bloomston.

Areas for Development

High-level areas for development

Concrete areas for development

Based on feedback from my colleagues at Airbnb:

Focus on growth instead of repercussion

Focus on action instead of calamity

Opine on north stars rather than presenting north star as fact

Based on feedback from my peers in the Co-Active Leadership Program:

Does what I want to say (*) match ~my~ the space? (*) serve ~me~ the space? (*) connect the space (*) bring ~the~ my truth

Also lead from Charm & Beauty

Feedback is always appreciated, especially in the areas above.

Work Patterns

Communication Preferences

How To Know I’ve Gone To The Dark Side

Warning Signs

How to help

Pet Peeves

I don’t expect this list to change your actions—but it might help you better understand and empathize with my reactions.

Ask Me About

  1. Why I love to travel (hint).
  2. My uninformed obsession with birds.
  3. My dog, Baby Doctor.