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Adding Your Work With Me Guide

There are two different repositories with similar names, i.e. and The first repository in the instructions below (i.e. is for your personal work with me profile page, the other repository (i.e. in step 3 is this website’s repository; think of the website repository as the place where all work with me profile pages can reside. Let’s get started!

  1. First we’re going to make your personal work with me profile page. Fork on GitHub. We’ll call this the profile repository.
  2. With your forked profile repository, modify, optionally adding a profile picture to the top level directory. Make sure your edits are pushed your fork of the profile repository.
  3. Next fork this project on GitHub. We’ll call this the website repository. Clone this forked website repository.
  4. Now we combine your profile repository with your fork of the website repository by a submodule command. Using your cloned website repository on your local machine, run git submodule add -b master WWM_LINK where USERNAME is your GitHub username and WWM_LINK is the link you’d like at To explain what’s going on, should be your forked profile repository and WWM_LINK creates a folder with the contents of your profile repository. If you don’t specify WWM_LINK, your link will end up being
  5. We should now have your profile repository as a submodule in your website repository. Push your changes and make a Pull Request to this repo abloomston/, not pages-themes/minimal. This is how you will make changes to your Work With Me Guide (for now–this is a prototype).
  6. Once I merge your Pull Request your Work With Me Guide will be available at