Work With Me: Matt Alexander

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I love having several small victories per day, each with its own commit message. It’s why I do this type of work, it’s what keeps me going, and it’s also how I best learn.

I am friendly, and I love meeting new people. But I was born an introvert so small talk is sometimes an awkward challenge and I require daily alone time to recharge my social battery.

I am a tortoise, not a hare. Better living through thoughtful preparation.

Work Patterns

I wake up around 4 AM to caffeinate, relax, exercise, study, organize, work on personal projects. This boot up time is very important to me.

Work is split into two sessions of not necessarily equal duration. One contains the day’s meetings. The other is heads-down work time. In between, I will eat, nap, run errands for at least an hour.

Communication Preferences

If I’m in the office without headphones on, come to my desk and say hi if you can. Otherwise, send me a Slack message.

My local time frequently changes and can always be found in my Slack profile.

Me Being Me

I’m used to working alone, with headphones, and I have developed some habits that don’t translate well to an office environment. So if you hear me tapping on the desk or making weird mouth noises, I have forgot myself. Feel free to throw something at the back of my head.

Areas for Development

I get into the weeds on tasks sometimes, focusing on getting something working that is tangential or unimportant. I usually mitigate it by timeboxing or by backing up and finding a different path.

I have a history of bad work/life balance. So I maintain a hard separation between work time and personal time, and I give them equal levels of focused dedication. Also, I prioritize sleep and exercise.

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